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Envoy Aviation is seeking customer-oriented individuals to join our team of professional Pilots, Maintainers and Staff for our rapidly growing operation.  

Attributes we look for in candidates include the ability to provide exceptional service to our customers, maintain a high level of technical competence and demonstrate professionalism at all levels. We operate throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  

Our King Air aircraft being pulled into our hangar after a day of flying in Melbourne Florida 32901

Pilot Positions

Melbourne, FL

PILOT POSITIONS NOTE:  All pilots are full-time, direct employees and must reside within a reasonable drive-time radius of KMLB Airport.  Position Summary  Crews are responsible to professionally deliver VIP level service to our customers and must be committed to providing a seamlessly safe, comfortable and convenient experience. King Air and Navajo pilots operate as single pilot, all others are multi crew operated. Operations are conducted using electronic flight bags (EFBs) and Maintenance / Crew Scheduling is computer based. We are an ARGUS rated Charter Operator.  Job Requirements: Essential Job Responsibilities 

  • Operate in accordance with domestic and international regulations, FAA approved company procedures, operational specifications, and to the highest level of aviation safety standards. 
  • Coordinate team activities and efforts, preflight to post-flight, to ensure unified operations. 
  • Establish and exercise command authority so that decisions and responsibilities can be identified and acted upon with consistency and expediency. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

  • Professional knowledge of the appropriate sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations, Airman’s Information Manual, and Aircraft Manufactures Manuals. 
  • Maintain currency for flight with annual and semiannual scheduled training events. 
  • Maintain Airline Transport Pilot or commercial proficiency standards and continually strive to improve aviation skills and knowledge. 
  • Continually evaluate and improve flight and ground performance. 
  • Pass a First-Class medical examination every six (6) months. 
  • Maintain basic computer knowledge and proficiency. 

Supervisory Responsibilities 

  • The professional management of the flight deck to include the coordination between flight crew members, customers, FOBs and company team members on the ground. 
  • Representation of Envoy Aviation while on the job to the extent required to properly deliver safety, convenience and comfort to our customers. 

Success Factors 

  • Ability to promote and implement action plans. 
  • Display of an enthusiastic spirit. 
  • Mentoring and inspiration of subordinates. 
  • Promoting the essence of teamwork by example. 
  • Personal and company success-oriented attitude. 
  • Personal commitment and self-motivation. 
  • Demonstrating an engaged attitude. 

Salary Range: Equipment and Experience Based  

Relocation: N/A  

Travel: Travel required.  

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Envoy Aviation

150 South Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne, Florida 32901, United States

(321) 325-5005


General Aviation Technician

Additional Information

 Melbourne, FL


Excellent opportunity for a well-qualified highly experienced General Aviation Technician on Piper Single and twins, Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft and light jets. Desirable work environment including weekday days, and weekends off. Proven quality and experience to meet fast paced deadlines. 

The Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) reports to the Maintenance Supervisor for assignment of work scope tasks and is responsible for the efficient execution of assigned tasks. The AMT performs tasks as required by the work scope efficiency and to quality standards and utilizes the applicable technical data relative to tasks performed including but not limited to; maintenance and inspection, servicing and lubrication, troubleshooting, repair and modifications and fueling and de-fueling.


· Minimum 3-5 years’ experience.

· High School diploma or equivalent.

· FAA Mechanics Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant Rating. 

· Experience in 135 and Part 91 operations.

· Experience in General Aviation maintenance environment, also small corporate jets and Beechcraft King Air series a must.

· Demonstrated organizational, mechanical, electrical, and interpersonal skills.

· Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

· Ability to read and interpret aircraft diagrams, charts and schematics.

· Able to lift up to 50 lbs.

· Valid Florida drivers license, vehicle,  and clean 10-year background.

· Must not be allergic to fuels, oils, hydraulic fluids and cleaning solvents.

· Able to work and bend in confined work spaces.

· Must have manual dexterity required for technician on small GA aircraft.

· Able to accept and be on monthly rotation to on-call maintenance requirements. 

· Must be able to repeatedly enter and exit aircraft using stationary steps/stairs.

· Must pass drug and alcohol test and 10-year background for safety sensitive areas.


· Knowledgeable and experienced using computers and aircraft software.

· IA rating a plus.

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If you are Interested in learning more about a Technician Position Please Send us a Message Below

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Envoy Aviation

150 South Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne, Florida 32901, United States

(321) 325-5005